Aquarium Lighting


At ClickCorals we take Aquarium Lighting seriously. We aren't out to sell a ton of brands just to turn a profit. We want to ensure that every product we sell will meet the needs of today's most demanding reef inhabitants. The brands we carry are the ones that we have used over the last 10-15 years on the tanks that we have here in the shop. Here, we grow corals. We specialize in selling vibrant, healthy corals. The majority of our income comes from being able to maintain the highest levels of growth and the brightest colors; so, we know a thing or two about aquarium lighting. Should you have any questions about which unit is right for you, please contact us.

We'll pay the taxes on your Kessil, Ecotech, AI, or ReefBreeder LEDs now through July 5th. Act fast. Once the inventory is gone we set aside for this, it's gone. Simply add them to your cart and checkout and you won't be charged taxes.