Aquarium Sumps and Refugiums


Aquarium sumps and refugiums are one of the most vital parts to maintaining a healthy aquarium. At ClickCorals we try to push natural filtration with no filter socks. This means that your sump/refugium should run a deep sand bed, with chaeto, and no filter socks. The reason that we recommend this method so strongly is due to how sensitive so many reef inhabitants can be. Think about what filters socks actually are. To us they are similar to little trash cans. All the food and fish waste flows into the sock and continues to decay while your clean fresh tank water flows over all of the organic matter stuck in the sock. We only recommend chaeto in refugiums due to it's ability to remove nitrates and phosphates, the fact if some gets into your tank it usually won't "choke out" your corals because it is to remove, and it is extremely hardy and survives through most tank changes. A deep sand bed also adds to your tanks natural ability to remove nitrates and phosphates from your aquarium. Should you have any more questions please contact us at contact@clickcorals.comThank You