ClickCorals Shipping   


Clickcorals shipping is pretty straight-forward. When you are checking out with livestock you must select "Overnight Livestock Shipping". This covers the cost of all packaging, heat pack(s), and overnight shipping to your door. All drygood orders are free over $49 and $7 flat-rate shipping under $49. Livestock shipping is a flat rate of $49 under $249 and free over $249.

The majority of orders placed before 11 am will ship inside of 24-hours. The exception is sumps usually take 2-3 days to ship, as most are built from scratch.

When shipping livestock we do offer a live arrival guarantee. You must notify us within 2-hours of delivery time should anything not make it. We do insure every package for the full amount of your order, and pay for this at no additional cost to you as the buyer. Should you run into any issues we will be heavily involved in the claims process to help you recover your money. Over 98% of our orders arrive alive and stay alive. Please make sure you acclimate properly. We also account for weather. If your package does not leave the next day, it is because of inclimate weather somewhere along the route to you. Please just stay in contact with us should you have any questions as we check weather around the country every 4-hours.

Thank You 

**Disclaimer** - this does not apply to Royal Exclusiv or Trigger orders, Sales Black Friday through Cyber Monday and certain Bubble Magus Skimmers. Sumps that need to be built from scratch will take 2-4 days longer. Royal Exclusiv items are drop shipped direct from the manufacturer and can take 2-3 days to receive tracking. Any items that drop-ship directly from a manufacturer or lead distributor might occasionally take 2-3 extra days to ship. Some manufacturers these days require these sales channels be used.**