Live Arrival Guarantee

Here is our Live Arrival Guarantee conditions. We have over a 99% success rate when it comes to shipping live corals, clams, fish and inverts. We have been shipping for nearly 30-years and do everything we can to ensure that everything you order will arrive to you alive and healthy. However, we understand that things do happen and you, as the customer, want to know that your investment is protected. 

With every order we use Express Overnight Shipping with UPS to ensure that your new family members will arrive to you usually in the morning the day after they are shipped. We do a last minute drop off at the local UPS to ensure your new tank mates are in transit for the shortest amount of time which causes them the least amount of stress. 

Should what you purchase perish during transit, we ask several things. Please notify us within 2-hours of the delivery time. Take at least 5 GOOD pictures to send to us as well. Then if it is a coral, place it in your tank and see if it can still be saved. With any claim we will pay for return shipping of the deceased creature and we ask you place it in a ziploc bag and we will send a label for the return. This has just become a standard practice with us so that we can examine anything that perishes to help ensure it doesn't happen in the future.

Upon these conditions we will issue store credit, as we do not issue refunds. Should you have any further questions about our Live Arrival Guarantee, don't hesitate to contact us.