Kessil Lights


    Kessil LEDs are one of the best lights in the industry for reef aquariums. With the Dense Matrix technology and worry-free programming options of their Spectral Controller, you'll find it hard to choose any other brand. Kessil lights also provide a shimmer effect which is not only beautiful but also recreates the feel of a real reef for the benefit of your tank inhabitants. The well-knownTuna Blue spectrum has been proven to promote amazing coral growth and enhance coloration in even the most demanding corals. Backed by one of the best customer service experiences in the industry it's no wonder why Kessil is at the top of every reef keepers list. 

    To see how Kessil lighting compares to the competition, visit our Aquarium Lighting Power Rankings page lights. If you should have any question which light is right for you, please contact us or refer to our Reef101 section. 

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    21 products

    21 products