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 Truly Elite Corals & Clams!!! has one of the most unique selections of Corals & Clams in the industry. Our goal is to have thousands of colonies and frags that no one else online has. We have spent years perfecting tank conditions to help ensure that your corals will be happy and healthy. All of our tanks run UV Sterlilizers that are enormous. Here, we even have employed some "additional staff" that naturally cleans the tanks almost around the clock. None of our coral tanks use any harsh chemicals, ever. We use tank members such as Meallanrus Wrasses and Peppermint Shrimp to make sure all of the corals you order from us arrive parasite, hitchhiker and disease free.

At our store we have studied corals for nearly 3 decades. There isn't a question we can not answer nor a problem we can't solve. We are currently working on one of the most educational libraries of reef knowledge online. For now, if you have any questions at all at any time, whether you purchased from us or not, just give us a call or send us an email. You can even turn to our main If you are looking for drygoods, we also carry one of the best selections of lights, sumps, and skimmers that are all the brands that we have tested, trust and have used for years.

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At ClickCorals we strive to have one of the largest and most diverse Scoly Collections on the market. We work with several vendors and hand pick our own corals here.