Royal Exclusive Bubble King Protein Skimmers

A lot of people call us trying to "price negotiate" with this brand. We are an AUTHORIZED Royal Exclusiv Distributor. The people who earn this honor know that there is no room to negotiate price on these skimmers - the profit margins are not big enough. The amount of integrity that we have as a store, to make sure we represent the brands we sell in the best way we can, is why we are a Top Selling Royal Exclusiv Retailer.
Royal Exclusiv has been manufacturing some of the most elite protein skimmers in the industry for over 30 years. With features such as titanium hardware, high efficiency Red Dragon pumps, nearly silent operation, and heavy duty acrylic construction, every skimmer is built to ensure amazing performance and reliability. All of these benefits, together with one of the most exceptional customer service experiences, is why you will find the full line of Royal Exlusiv Protein Skimmers here at Reef2Land. To find out where we rank Royal Exclusiv please refer to our Protein Skimmer Power Rankings section.
Royal Exclusive Protein Skimmers are one of the most vital parts to keeping any successful saltwater or reef aquarium. For the particles that are small enough to pass through natural filtration, that is what protein skimmers are for. The dissolved organic compounds (such as decaying food and waste particles) attach to the large amounts of bubbles produced by the skimmer pump. It is then pushed to the top of the skimmer neck, where the bubbles pop, and the waste is left in the collection cup. These devices also play a significant role in tank health by adding dissolved oxygen to your aquarium. Protein Skimmers help maintain optimum water conditions for all of your tank inhabitants. To read more, please refer to our Reef101 section.