Pro Clear Systems Premier Series Wet/Dry Filter P200

Pro Clear Systems Premier Series Wet/Dry Filter P200

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Wet/Dry filters are a must for any aquatic ecosystem, they enhance biological filtration as well as mechanical filtration with the proper pump they will cut down maintenance time and do a much better job than traditional filters including canister filters. This Pro Clear Aquatics unit includes Bio-Balls, a polishing block, return hose, siphon hose, return valve and all tubing. These filters work for freshwater or saltwater tanks. ( Overflow sold separately) 

  • Emergency Overflow Feature
  • Slide out Drip-Tray drawer for easy removal and cleaning without removing the skimmers from sump area
  • Available with or without Pre Filter
  • Add a Pro-Clear MPS or Impact Protein Skimmer, a pump and the Premier Filter is ideal for a saltwater aquarium

Premier Series Wet/Dry Specifications:

  • Dimensions: 30" L x 12" W x 18" H
  • Aquarium Size: up to 200 Gallons
  • Water Flow: 800 Gallons Per Hour